Monday, July 13, 2009

Dyeing to be Roman!

I finally finished up the Roman tunica that I had started months ago and set aside. It is made of light cotton with a woven stripe pattern including metallic threads. I know. The fabric is completely unperiod but at the time of purchase I didn't care. (I could argue for the use of cotton but have my doubts about the metallic stripe. :D )It started out wider (for full arm coverage) and longer (to be bloused at the waist) but that much fabric was just too unflattering so I cut it narrower and shortened the hem so that the sleeves are not quite elbow length and and I can belt it under the bust with very little blousing which I feel looks better and is more comfortable to me. I picked up a couple of very sheer gauze scarves and turned then into a palla wrap. Ideally the palla should be wider but I couldn't justify the expense of four scarves nor could I find such sheer drapey linen by the yard.

After discovering how easy to make and comfortable to wear this Roman garb is I made the decision to make myself another tunica for Pennsic instead of another Campi dress. I'll still be from the same area I'll just be going back in time several hundres more years! I found some lightweight linen on clearance for $2.50 a yard but it was bright sunshine yellow. I'm not too fond of yellow. So I purchased a packet of Dylon ocean blue dye and dyed my yellow fabric green this morning.:) As soon as I finish up Tom's tunics I'll be making myself a tunica from my pretty green linen.
original yellow

preparing the dye bath

after 15 minutes

after one hour

after rinsing and drying


KariAnnS said...

I like how the green turned out!

La- said...

This is very cool! Looks comfy and pretty ! Gotta love that!

I love the green too!! Can't wait to see that one!